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First Name * modii3d
Last Name * modii3d
Username * biszkopte
Country * Poland
City Gliwice
Nationality Poland
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


MODII3D a workshop bringing together architects, designers, and enthusiasts of graphics, animation and digital visual widely understood. We come from the southern Polish city of Gliwice where the sun shines just as rarely as it snows in December.

Our studio specializes in architectural visualizations and animations and utility products, visualization, exhibitions, public spaces, interiors and views of the proposed building blocks. In terms of the work also contains interactive animations and virtual tours. We are not afraid of difficult challenges, willing to take the work of high aesthetic demands and tight deadlines.

The experience gained in the studios of graphics, architecture and design of successful use in conjunction with high-quality customer waiting and timely completion of tasks. We invite you to read the material presented on our website. We hope that the website will be a place of inspiration and a prelude to future cooperation.